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November 9th, 2012

lino cut portrait

Stuart and I have had a couple house guests the past couple days, Lucy Knisley and Philip Reeve. It's great having people around who love drawing, and don't mind posing for drawings, either. I drew one of Philip that didn't turn out very well, but he asked if I was going to turn it into a lino cut print, and I managed to do this one quite quickly:

Here's the print, and the inked linoleum block. It's the picture in reverse; basically, a big rubber stamp.

Click here for lots more under the cut!Collapse )
Tonight's plan: a Comica talk by Mary & Bryan Talbot (Foyles Charing Cross, 6:30pm, details here), then the launch of The Strumpet and ink+PAPER at Orbital Comics. And tomorrow I'll hit Comica Comiket! That will be fab; lots of chances to buy amazing (and affordable!) handmade books and prezzies and meet their creators.