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sister in town

Haven't been posting much lately because I've been running around with my sister, who's visiting for a couple weeks. It's fabulous getting to hang out with her, and seeing all the ways we're eerily alike, even though we were near opposites when we were younger. Yesterday she stuck by me to fight our way to Oxford through the floodlands for an appointment I had, then we managed to get back in time to go to a roller derby practice in Shadwell. (Her coach said she could count the London practices toward being able to skate in an upcoming tournament.)


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Jul. 28th, 2007 10:18 pm (UTC)
Oh, you both look really cute and happy! And Yay both of you for making it through to Oxford. Can't have been easy!
Jul. 29th, 2007 06:07 am (UTC)
Beautiful Sisters
You both look so happy and energized together.

Just be careful of those floodlands!
Jul. 29th, 2007 10:14 am (UTC)
Re: Beautiful Sisters
No worries, I have red and white polka-dot wellies! :-D
Aug. 7th, 2007 07:11 pm (UTC)
Sister in town
Sure glad to see you both looking so happy. Will be eager to hear more when Mary returns. Hope your travels to Brussels worked out well. xxx Mom
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