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it's phoenix day!

Hurrah! You can find my comic with Philip Reeve, Jinks & O'Hare, Funfair Repair in today's copy of The Phoenix Comic! We jointly wrote it, Philip drew it, and I coloured it.

Here's a little teaser for the issue, No. 44. If you haven't yet subscribed to The Phoenix... why not? Go here and do so right now! :)

Oo, look, my fab studio mate Gary Northfield stars in today's Gary's Garden. And he really looks like that! The hat is well dodgy.

Other news, London has a visitor! Well, lots, probably. But a particularly exciting one, the excellent comics artist Lucy Knisley!

Lucy's over on this side of the Atlantic to do research for a comic book about her hero, Oscar Wilde.

She raised money for the trip on Kickstarter here, and you can see the video she used for it:

Keep an eye on Lucy's amazing blog (lucylou on LiveJournal) to read past comics - many of them travel comics, often about food - and to see what she gets up to with this Wilde chappie.