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the mcintyres hit dartmoor

Whoo hoo! Here's proof that Sam Reeve and I CONQUERED Bonehill Rocks. We do good superhero poses.

Photo by Stuart

Stuart and I love Dartmoor, in deepest Devon, and when my parents came to visit, we absolutely had to show them a bit of it.

Here's my mother; I love how she looks like some sort of Wild West cowgirl.

Oo, and spooky, is that the Hound of the Baskervilles? No, it is a poodle.

We still got a bit of sinister atmosphere, though. Good ol' Dartmoor.

And, of course, aliens. Philip Reeve here is only slightly surprised. He wrote the Larklight trilogy and a Doctor Who story and now he is used to aliens.

I love this shot of Sam by the lake.

Hello, Philip! Hello, Sarah! The Reeves were awesome, letting so many McIntyres descend on them at once.

Obligatory family shots:

Dad and me, geeking out in the sunshine:

Fat shaggy ponies! What bliss!

Oo, is that an elf there, sketching in the mossy forest?

Uh oh, broken pencil lead!

I can really see where Philip gets his material for the Goblins books, that place is like walking into a story.

Huge thanks to the Reeves for a fabulous stay!

You can see a bunch more photos over in my Facebook album if you like...


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May. 15th, 2013 08:38 am (UTC)
Basket Meals?
As always, thanks for the sensation of travelling vicariously via your photos! Looks like it was a very nice outing!
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