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Wahey! So proud to be in this new collection of women comic artists! Remember that brouhaha a couple years ago, when Angoulême comics festival executive officer Franck Bondoux explained the lack of any women on their award nominee list of 30 comic creators? His explanation: "Unfortunately there are few women in the history of comics. That's the reality. Similarly, if you go to the Louvre, you will find few women artists... The festival loves women, but we cannot rewrite the history of comics."

The Inking Woman shows this argument is untrue. And this book doesn't even include ALL the women who make comics in Britain, it's a selection that makes a good read and shows off different styles. I'm so proud to be included in it! You can find out more about it on Myriad Edition's website. (Photo by Rachael House)

When the Cartoon Museum hung up my Vern and Lettuce comic next to one by Posy Simmonds, it was a highlight of my career. And now I'm next to Isabel Greenberg, another hero of mine! Super chuffed. I wasn't in the original Inking Woman exhibition there (I mostly do children's books, not comics), but there was a little gap that my Funday Times Shark & Unicorn comic (edited by Karen Robinson) fit into so they squeezed me in at the last moment. Both the Cartoon Museum and the House of Illustration featured exhibitions of women creators at the same time (hurrah!); you can read about Comix Creatrix: 100 Women Making Comics in this blog post.

The woman on the left is Nicola Streeten, co-writer of the book with Cath Tate, and the woman who, with Sarah Lightman, set up Laydeez Do Comics. I was honoured to be a speaker at one of their very first meetings back in 2009 (maybe their very first?), and again in Dublin in 2013, and now they have meetings in Leeds and Birmingham, among other places. If you're interested in meeting people and finding out more about women comic creators (and they have some male speakers, too), do pop along to one of their meetings! The woman in the middle here is comic creator Ros Asquith, and the woman on the right is Roz Streeten (also known as colouring book creator Rosie Flo):

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how to draw an easter basket!

Got some lovely bunnies and this request from Class 2D at Great Malvern Primary School (which Philip Reeve and I visited on World Book Day):

Here you go! ...Want to print this? Download as a PDF here.

Download as a PDF here!

What was I doing in a basement in a Leicester hotel last night? Why, signing at least 400 copies of The New Neighbours, so today each kid at my event could go home with his or her own book! You can see me all set to go, with my shot glass of mints:

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reeve & mcintyre: newland house school

At the heart of almost all our school visits are thoughtful, pro-active librarians, and at Newland House School in Twickenham, I got to meet theirs, the excellent Caroline O'Donnabhain.

My co-author Philip Reeve had met Caroline seven years ago, on a previous visit, and the drawings he'd made then were still proudly displayed on the library wall!

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Have you ever been to The Alligator's Mouth bookshop in Richmond? It's a real treasure box of an independent bookshop, with the most lovely carefully selected range of top children's books. And last week, I got to visit and present my brand-new picture book, The New Neighbours! Philip Reeve took this photo out front:

alligator's mouth

The little events area in the back was packed, and I did some reading:

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