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roly-poly flying visit to fife

Directly after Islay Book Festival, the Reeve & McIntyre road trip hit Fife!

Here's our awesome ON Fife Libraries host and guide Maggie Gray, driving us along the Queensferry crossing:

In Fife, the libraries and theatres work together under the banner of the Fife Cultural Trust, which means we got to perform in some amazing theatre venues! Here we are in the dressing room, trying our best to make up like the self-styled superstars we are:

One of the great things about performing in a theatre is that when the schools arrive, it feels like such a grand occasion, and the children are excited and ready to listen and take part. Here's a photo tweeted by Ladybank Primary School, from our Roly-Poly Flying Pony event at Rothes Halls in Glenrothes:

Not one but TWO amazing theatres - here's the crew setting up for a Grumpycorn event at the Adam Smith Theatre in Kirkcaldy:

I like big screens and a cannot lie... Thanks to all the primary schools who took part, including Coaltown Balgonie, Dunbog, Newburgh and Pitteuchar!

And the great team, including library staff Julia, and Sharron Brown:

Philip also took part in a Mortal Engines film screening and talked a bit about his books, and took questions from very keen members of the audience.

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Yesterday was our big London launch day for the second book in our Reeve & McIntyre Roly-Poly Flying Pony series, Kevin's Great Escape! And here we are, presenting a copy to one of the two superstars to whom we dedicated it:

Big thanks to everyone who came along, we had fun!

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reeve & mcintyre investigate, part 2

What are those noctural noises noticed by residents of the Outermost West? Let's talk with Dame Margery Flough:

Watch Reeve & McIntyre Investigate, part 1, here...

st aubyn's library drawings

Check out these lovely drawings of characters from Grumpycorn, created by children at St Aubyn's Library in East London! (You can get the drawing guides free from my website here.)

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portrait challege: hilda rix nicholas

Here's my riff on today's StudioTeaBreak #PortraitChallenge, Australian artist Hilda Rix Nicholas's 1917 self portrait. (See her original version here.)


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