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Otter Chaos! Review copies of the first book in our Reeve & McIntyre Adventuremice series are starting to pop through people's letterboxes and it's all very exciting!!!

Adventuremice: Otter Chaos is illustrated throughout in ink-and-watercolour paintings, launches in the UK this March, and is aimed at slightly younger readers than our Kevin books (the publisher reckons age 5 - grownup). My friend Dan Fone is working hard on a lovely website to be unveiled nearer to publication date, but you can see a sneak-peek video now at adventuremice.com.

Here's a tweet from the Head of my Patron of Reading school, Chagford Primary:

If you can pre-order 'Adventuremice: Otter Chaos' from your local bookshop (such as Page 45 in Nottingham - ships internationally! - or The Bookery in Devon, that would be amazing! Pre-orders are a huge help to independent bookstores and give us a boost, too. It's a Season Highlight in The Bookseller magazine Children’s Buyer’s Guide! The guide focuses on titles publishing Feb-July 2023, and it’s brilliant to see Adventuremice featured like this.

Big thanks to everyone who's spreading the news!
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St John & chalice

Here's a little #PortraitChallenge I did the other day, based on the photo in a tweet by Simon Knott, who goes around visiting beautiful old churches.

It'd be fun to work it up in colour, or a variation on it, and antique it, like those shields I painted earlier.

Dartmoor Christmas 2022

Hope you had a happy Christmas, wherever you are! Here's a poodle who had an absolutely ripping time:

Timer photo (quick, run!) by Sarah Reeve. Big thanks to our adopted Dartmoor family for a lovely holiday!

Christmas 2022

Merry Christmas, everyone!

This has been a wild year for Stuart and me: selling our flat in London, moving in with the (very generous!) Reeve family on Dartmoor for six months, then into a new house in Devon. It's been lovely getting Christmas cards from people - I always like them, but it was especially moving this year to know we're not forgotten even though we live so far away from a lot of people who used to live much more nearby. We had a little visit this week from two of my former studiomates: Lauren O'Farrell (aka Deadly Knitshade) and Ellen Lindner:

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Kate Winslet reads Grumpycorn!

Thanks so much to Kate Winslet for doing a wonderful job reading Grumpycorn on CBeebies Bedtime Stories this evening! And to the BBC team for putting it together! If you're in the UK, you can watch it for 29 more days here on iPlayer, and here's a YouTube version so my family can see it:


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