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My TEDx talk at the Royal Society in London is online! Here's the blurb for it:

Do you have an epic project in mind that you never get around to doing? Do you wish you could draw, but never learn because you'd be embarrassed if people saw the results? Author and illustrator Sarah McIntyre says that sometime we need to give up our big plan and start with smaller, achievable tasks. She shows us how we can find the hope, energy and inspiration we need by connecting with other people.

Gosh, watching this makes me go nervous all over again! I'd never given a brand-new talk without notes before, and I have a terrible memory. But I was very grateful to the Royal Society for taking a risk with me and letting me find out if I could do it.

Photo by Debbie Rowe for Royal Society

Here's the full comic that I reference in the video, about having a sense of forgiveness about our work:

Originally published for my BookTrust Writer-Illustrator in Residence blog

You might ask, what goes into giving a TEDx talk? ('TED' stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design', and the 'x' stands for 'external'; individual people are licensed around the world to host and curate TEDx talks. You can see loads more on the TED and TEDx YouTube channels.)

Click here for lots more under the cut!Collapse )

the new neighbours; in the bookseller!

Recently journalist Fiona Noble from The Bookseller trade magazine came to visit me at the studio to interview me for a feature. Fiona's been a terrific champion of the #PicturesMeanBusiness campaign, which is important, because she's one of the people publishers are trying to impress (so she'll feature their books) and when she asks that they provide decent information about the illustrators of the books they want her to review, they listen. Here's Fiona at my desk:

And here's her article! Thanks so much, Fiona!

The Bookseller have just released it from behind their paywall, so you can read it online here.


It would be a HUGE help to me and indie bookseller Stephen Holland at Page 45 if you could pre-order copies of the book! That way he knows how many books to get into the shop, and it helps my sales numbers in the first-week charts, so more booksellers will be interested in stocking the book. There might even be some exclusive bookplate editions left if you order it here. :)

bagel quest

So today I'm in the Jewish Chronicle with Daniel Sugarman, because I can't say no to a good bagel...

While we're at it, here's a shout-out for our wonderful and enthusiastic Hebrew-language publisher, Utz Books, run by translator and publisher Gili Bar-Hillel:

Cyclops + my Big Wheel trike. See other people's Mythical Mashup drawings over at @StudioTeaBreak on Twitter. :)

hourly comic day 2018

I kind of knew already what today would be like... (Too many looming deadlines to do a proper hourly comic this year, I'm afraid.)

You can find much more gripping and varied Hourly Comics by browsing the #HourlyComicDay hashtag today and over the next day or two as people upload them to the internet. 'What's the Hourly Comic Day drawing challenge?' you may ask. Here's a bit more info about this annual February 1st event.


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