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This morning Lettuce had her coffee with Ben & Ellen from boxbrown's Bellen. ...My middle name is Ellen, named after my mother's best childhood friend. I think she's an aromatherapist in California now. Once when I was a kid we went and visited Ellen's family at their home on an Indian reservation in New Mexico. It was cool, she had a couple big weaving looms and she made us some cloth dolls. The desert weather was wacked out, one day it would be boiling hot and the next day we'd get a foot of snow. My sister and I had a great time with the neighbour kid collecting the huge icicles from the eves and sucking them dipped in a jar of Tang orange drink powder. Ellen thought that was gross because she said there might be bat poo on the roof, but she still let us have the Tang and we didn't care.

Don't forget to subscribe to Britain's fab new weekly comic, the DFC!. You can even get the first four issues free to see if you like it, but with all the amazing writers and artists on board, I'm sure you will! They include Bob & Lorenzo Etherington, James Turner (think Beaver & Steve), Simone Lia (of Fluffy fame), John Aggs, Patrice Aggs, Philip Pullman (His Dark Materials trilogy are my favourite books of his), Kate Brown, Jim Medway, Neill Cameron, Faz Choudhury, Dave Shelton, Woodrow Phoenix, Ted Dewan, Nick Sharratt and many more to come!

And here's Lettuce with some guys from tedprior's latest comic, To The Moon.
That's all for comics love, I think I need to draw something else now! But that was very fun.
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