Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

some friendly product placement

Yesterday I met up with my friend Sally Nicholls at Camberwell's fabulous House cafe. She told me a bit about her latest book she's writing which is very exciting because her first novel, Ways To Live Forever, was amazing! (She's also won some cool awards for it, like this year's Waterstone's Children's Book prize.) If you haven't read it, you absolutely must. It'll make you cry but it is so worth it! Here's the Scholastic site where you can read people's comments about it. (Mine is buried somewhere in there.)

And the postman had an exciting delivery last week, this t-shirt from fellow DFC contributor James Turner!

And I'm not recommending this one because I haven't seen it yet, but I just ordered a copy of Where Grows the Bitter Herb by Ben Powis, a comic which looked incredibly lovely and tantalising from what I could see of it online.
Tags: nicholls, turner

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