Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

city window

Today's quick morning sketch:

I got an excited e-mail last night from my writer friend Laura Hurwitz, saying that the eldest of her six kids, Jake, is doing really well with his new comedy career. Jake Hurwitz and his friend Amir Blumenfeld were included in the 'Man's Guide' section of this month's Cosmopolitan and in this week's Us magazine in the 'This Minute' section under 'Web’s Big Hits'. You can see their videos at (If you're a young'un, be warned that there's some raunchy language in places and I didn't send you there.) It's funny seeing Jake on video, last time I saw him we were staying with his family for a week. He didn't like his bedroom and he was busy trying to convince his parents to move to a different house in the same town even though he was in college and just about to move out himself. I think he was already well on his way to comedy at that point.

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