Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

camberwell MA degree show

Last night I went to the opening of Camberwell's MA Degree Show. This year the MA were all in the Wilson's Road building, down the street from the main building, so the place was even more crowded, hot and heaving than last year. But it was great to see everyone and there was some brilliant stuff on display, when I could see over the crowds. It think I'll have to go back during the week to get a proper look at some of the work. Some illustration highlights included a marvelous little book of ink drawings by Alex Huchet, striking prints by Yann Brien, intriguing complicated and lovely narrative posters and a miniature theatre by Alodie Fielding and disturbing but beautiful etchings by Mark Oliver. In Digital Arts, I liked an on-screen intricate sort of bird mobile that moves when you blow on the microphone, by Sharon Ferris. In Book Arts, Hayley Joyce McPhun displayed a lovely cut-out diorama. In Printmaking, Ludmilla Andrews had made a fantastic large knot of striped paper, and someone whose name I missed had built the front of a house out of rolled-up newspapers.
Tags: exhibitions

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