Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

nice going, ladies!

Firs some bragging about my former tutor at Camberwell in MA Illustration, Janet Woolley: She just sent some photos of a mural she did of a whole pack of scientists for the newly refurbished atrium of the Royal Institution. Here's a picture of the queen peering at her work. Jan said there was another photo of the queen running away, apparently in fright, but she didn't send me that picture (darn). You can see more of Jan's work on AOI portfolios.

And I mentioned how I met LSE professor of bioethics Sarah Franklin at the Sarah Party. Where I come from, we'd call her 'one smart cookie'. She e-mailed to say it's interesting I work with sheep (one, in particular, the dashing Vern) because she's a 'definite sheep watcher'. She's written a book about Dolly the sheep called Dolly Mixtures. Vern thought that was well worth checking out:

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