Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre


Exciting news, I got an e-mail from Marc Craste last night saying that Studio AKA have finished making Varmints! It's a film based on Marc's picture book collaboration with Helen Ward (book launch link here) and is set to be a total knock-out amazing piece of animation. You might remember Marc Craste from his Bafta-winning animation, Jo Jo in the Stars. Hooray, Marc and everyone at Studio AKA, I can hardly wait! You can see a trailer here.

Other news, Garen Ewing continues with his A-Z of Comic Strip Characters.

And I try to get a whole lot of work done this morning, whooie.

Edit: Fresh in this morning! A sketch from Mags in Brussels, of Manoëlle with her book. (I said here I'd post drawings of people in their favourite place to read. Thanks, Mags!) :-)
Tags: craste, varmints

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