Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

today i burped fire

This would be me, the Time Management (Super) Fairy. I am holding a Ginger Beer bottle. The fact that I drank nearly a whole bottle of it by myself was quite an accomplishment. I told Sarah afterwards that if I burped, it would be like fire.

That seemed to be a very inspirational quote, so we made this:

If you know Sarah's art style, you can tell which side she did and which side I did. If not, read the little captions with arrows saying 'Sizzling Hot Sarah' and 'Electric Elena'. We had quite a bit of fun making it.

Day One of Project: Sarah's-Time-Management went very well. Before we went out for the day, I constructively forced her to wear her watch. I'm positive that I am already impacting her life in a none other but positive way.

Go (Super) Fairy!

Today's Random Fact about (Super) Fairy: Instead of fleetly flying like most fairies, she is quite adventurous in her way of transport: she dive-bombs / sky-dives everywhere.

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