Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

milkshakes, milkshakes and ... more milkshakes!!!

Today Sarah and I went to Golder's Green for the morning. We ate at Coby's. It was very good.
We went into a bookshop, and I saw Twilight by Stephenie Meyer, except it was translated into Hebrew! Those books sure do get around.

Next, Sarah dragged me to the Kenwood house. After looking at the brilliant works of art within, we went out on the lawn, then ate some DELICIOUS cream puffs that we had gotten in a bakery called Carmeli's. I suggest that you try them.

After this, we napped on the lawn for about half an hour. How very refreshing!

After this, we went to Inhabitation Cafe, in Camden. I got a chocolate mint milkshake and Sarah got a lime one (very Australian, the waiter told us).
Here is a before-milkshake picture,

And of course if you have the before, you need the after,

How much fun.

Well, as you might realize, this will be my second to last post for Sarah, my job is coming to an end. Expect a lengthy post full of tips and ideas on how to manage your time correctly tomorrow. I always say, "End it with a bang!!"
Tags: london

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