Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

brussels loot

I didn't get time on this trip to spend ages browsing in a bookshop, but I managed to do a lightening blitz of the news agent next to the place I picked up everyone's breakfast pastries.

I grabbed Spirou because I'd heard Paul Gravett mention in during his panel talk last weekend at Caption, and I also grabbed Tchô, which is much better inside than its shiny naff cover suggests. As tempting as it is, I won't post any pages for copyright reasons, but at least here you can get a little peek at how the pages look (Spirou on top, Tchô beneath):

I wasn't impressed by the Tchô website, but Spirou's website lets you see some drawings by the contributors (click auteurs on their navigation strip - this is a seriously good link).

And this morning was so wonderful because the postman brought a parcel from chamonkee in Sheffield with this fantastic drawing on it! I am so keeping this for when he's famous, but then I still won't give it away.

I'm feeling very humbled because I only drew on his envelope very fast with a blunt Sharpie.... sorry, Will, I'll do better next time! Will Kirkby is awesome.
Tags: belgium, kirkby, loot

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