Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

new bakery!

I got whiplash on my way to the post office when I saw the most amazing assemblage of bread loaves in a window. I didn't mean to stop, except maybe for a quick coffee with Jeff-the-Aussie-barista, but some overwhelming force stopped my bike and dragged me in and then I had to sample one of their scones as well. It's too expensive to go very often, and I won't abandon Jeff at the Beehive, but it's awfully nice to try something new.

Garen Ewing is now providing quality printouts of his A-Z of Comic Strip Characters here, possibly because he can't ever sell them because they'd break every copyright law in the book. But it's nice to have something so nice for free, thanks, Garen!
Tags: cake, ewing, greenwich, london sketches

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