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london sunrise baby

I'm having a late start for work this morning, having spent all night seeing this baby through. The room had an amazing view over the Thames and the London Eye. After the baby girl was feeding and the mum was sleeping, I went for an early walk along the river from the hospital by Westminster Bridge to London Bridge and had that sort of marvellous mental intensity and clarity you only get on a brisk walk in the fresh air when you've stayed up all night.

The evening before that was really good fun, I went to see Fear(s) of the Dark at the ICA, hosted by Paul Gravett. My favourite section was by Richard McGuire, created in black and white chiaroscuro, very abstract at times. A candle would illuminate something in the darkness and for a long time we wouldn't know what it was until the light fleshed out other areas around it. Really striking. I also liked the textured pencil work of Lorenzo Mattotti, and the clean linework of Charles Burns.

Paul Gravett did a plug for his latest book with Peter Stanbury, The Leather Nun: and other incredibly strange comics. It is, as Jonathan Ross puts it so nicely, the perfect gift for any comic-book lover or pervert in your life.

It was great seeing so many comics people in the bar after the film, including Ellen Lindner, Stephen Betts, Lee Simmons, Rian Hughes, Dave O'Connell, and I met for the first time Tim Webber, who designed Paul Gravett's website and has a brilliant comics site of his own, Read Yourself Raw. Dave got me as far as Westminster station after the gathering and I tottered across the bridge to the hospital for the next baby-themed event.



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Sep. 9th, 2008 01:48 pm (UTC)
I had a minor heart attack when I saw you'd texted me whilst I was sleeping off the beers - glad all was well. Sorry to have missed a dawn breakfast (tho' I'm sort of glad I was wrapped up in the duvet too).
Sep. 9th, 2008 05:09 pm (UTC)
*so* sweet!
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