Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

stepping onto the Airship set

This morning I cycled up the north side of the Thames, crossed Tower Bridge and sat in the crook of the big iron anchor there to write another episode of Vern and Lettuce. Then I did this little sketch here of these retro-futuristic riverside flats that Stuart and I call 'the Jetson buildings', but I didn't finish it because it was time to go have coffee with Dave and Ellen and that sounded much more exciting.

Ever since I moved to London, I've loved Shad Thames, the area just east of Tower Bridge on the south bank. Then I had double interest in it when I found out tozocomic lives there. He's moving shortly to another part of London, but I really wanted to see a Shad Thames flat before he left, so ellenlindner and I went to see him this morning. It was such a nice, quiet, clean, boy flat, and we very happily swamped it with female chatter. I am sure that Dave is too polite to tell us he took a quiet paracetamol after we left.

He has an amazing view from his balcony and as I was hoping, it looks just like Johnson's house from Airship. Hurrah!

Tags: dave_is_fab_club, london sketches, shad thames

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