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Позавчера вечером Я ездила в русскии центр в Лондоне Pushkin House ....

English speakers: Did you know that LiveJournal has a massive Russian-speaking artistic community? I'm really hoping we'll get some good recommendations on comics and illustration from their part of the world. (I finished the post in handwriting because I'm rubbish at typing in Cyrillic.)

Мои любымие художники на ЖЖ/ my favourites so far on LiveJournal (otherwise known by its initials 'zhe-zhe' in Russian):
siniy_chelovek, hotshkin, rusolga, shendrik, ilyaz
(не только русские, но люди, которые говорят по-русски.)
Another favourite, who's Russian but now lives in the States/ Он русскии а живет в США: Vladimir Zimakov

You can find a good range of illustration from Russian speakers on this self-portrait website, selfportraits.ru.

Some of my favourite Russian artists from history:
Viktor Vasnetsov
Ivan Bilibin
Mikhail Vrubel
Lev Bakst
Mikhail Nesterov
Vasily Surikov
Valentin Serov
Aristarkh Lentulov
Vasily Kandinsky
Karl Brullov
Andrei Rublev
Arkhip Kuindzhi
Ilya Repin
Natalia Goncharova
Vladimir Tatlin
Olga Rozanova
Vladimir Lebedev
Varvara Stepanova
Alexander Rodchenko

Edit: Have a look at some of these artists people have recommended! Great stuff. :-)
aicedora_vulkan: Igor Kuprin's website
polinina: Elena Zarubina's website
olegti, zilyabr, zuza1, iv_solyaev, orlov_iv



Oct. 16th, 2008 02:02 pm (UTC)
My favourite small tucked away museum is the Pitt Rivers in Oxford. It's just crammed with all these cases containing all manner of tribal paraphernalia (collected, no doubt, by entirely honorable and honest means) -- shrunken heads, magic charms, poison darts, etc., all just jammed in together with little coherence of flow. And all the drawers under the cases have stuff in them too, and everything has a tiny little hand-inked label tied to it, explaining what the thing is and where it came from. Basically, it's the museum I picture Indiana Jones's finds ending up in.

Я учился русски язык в школе, но сеичас я все забыл

I lived in St. Petersburg for a couple of months, and went to the Russian State Museum, Hermitage, etc.

(I am in awe of your pink матриошки, by the way.)
Oct. 17th, 2008 08:34 am (UTC)
Oh, thanks, I keep meaning to visit the Pitt Rivers museum, but I haven't made it there yet! I resolve to do that on my next Oxford visit!

That's cool you studied Russian, too! :-D


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