Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

elgar was a softie

True fact! That composer was a bit of a delicate chappie. (I know hot water bottles looked different back then, but there's nothing like a good anachronism to start the day.)

Artwork: I've had some people contact me about buying drawings from my blog and I've sold a few for some welcome cash. I'm not sure how many I actually want to part with right now, or how I'd set it up, but I'll have a go with this one: £40 plus registered mail postage via Paypal if anyone is wanting to buy. (The image is 13 x 15 cm on heavy paper a bit larger than that.)
Edit: Picture sold

London MCM Expo: I'm going to be doing some signings this Saturday the 25th at the DFC stand with Emma Vieceli, who draws and writes Violet. Not quite sure what time yet, but stop by and say hi if you're there!

And the marvellous Garen Ewing used my picture on his Rainbow Orchid blog.

Edit: Good ol' Radio 4 news flash: At 9:30 this morning, as part of his comics series, Phil Jupitus is doing a 15-minute programme on Charles Peattie and Russell Taylor, the comics guys who make The Daily Telegraph's Alex. (radio link)
Tags: dfc, garen

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