Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

DFC in Tesco this week!

Hi, everyone! Just a reminder that you can buy this week's DFC for £1.99 at 647 branches of Tesco, from today until Tues, 2 Dec! It's a tester to see how it goes, and I really hope it does well! The teasers on the cover refer to Neill Cameron's Mo-Bot High, the Etherington Brothers' Monkey Nuts, Tony Lee's and Dan Boultwood's Prince of Baghdad and Jamie Smart's Fish-Head Steve.
(I notice the non-Tesco version has a Vern and Lettuce teaser on the front and this one doesn't, but I shall maintain a stiff upper lip...)

Whatever you think of Tesco, I know that almost every single comic I bought as a kid was through pestering my mother at the supermarket, so I'm guessing it's a winning formula to get comics into the hands of the kids who want them.

Don't forget that you can go to the DFC website where you can still get a free four issue trial subscription or buy individual back issues.
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