Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

barrels of laughs

Thanks, Richard Bruton, for the lovely Vern & Lettuce review, together with Simone Lia's Sausage & Carrots on the Forbidden Planet blog here. (Simone Lia is one of the three people who got me back into comics, with her Fluffy books, along with Posy Simmonds and Craig Thompson, so I'm dead chuffed to be mentioned in the same article as her!) Hey, I just noticed Simone's completely revamped her website!

Good times with Stuart, chamonkee and tozocomic:

And despite this, here's a gorgeous drawing Will Kirkby inked at breakfast, of one of his story characters. He convinced me his pen nibs are better than mine, so I've ordered a bunch from dinkybox.

Tags: dave_is_fab_club, dfc, kirkby

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