Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

hot dog! did you see DFC issue 28?

That Woodrow Phoenix is one cool cat! This has got to be the DFC's most lush cover yet.

(Click for larger loveliness)

Tonight I am STAYING IN, it feels so good. And I got this brilliant e-mail this evening from 9-year-old Molly Bruton, after I drew a little Vern & Lettuce doodle for her:

Hi Sarah
Thank you for my lovely sketch its beautiful. I like the way Vern is pushing Lettuce in the trolley and Lettuce is saying "faster Vern" it just made me chuckle. My favourite strip is the one where Vern, Lettuce and all the very cute bunnies had to sleep in the tree and Vern kept moaning and one of the bunnies needed to go to the toilet and that got one of the other bunnies to need it to so Lettuce had to take them to the toilet that was my favourite one so far and once again thank you for my wonderful sketch
From Molly (Bruton)

Aw... [melt]. It's great to know when someone actually likes Vern and Lettuce. I send it off and Ben-the-editor seems to like it, or Will-the-other-editor says he likes it if Ben is a bit busy, but then it just goes off into the void and I have to hope for the best. (Stuart usually makes a point to say he likes it, but he also frequently tells me off for making too many toilet jokes.) So, thanks, Molly! :-)

I must confess that I am quite proud of my wall paper pattern for these last two episodes. And Simone Lia's full-page Sausage and Carrots with Stanlio Sausagio almost made me wet myself laughing.
Tags: dfc, phoenix

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