Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

sweater vest party!

Happy birthday, ellenlindner! Ellen asked everyone to wear a sweater vest on her birthday, or 'tank tops' as the Brits call them (not to be confused with 'string vests'). Not everyone wore one, but at one point I walked into the kitchen full of about ten people and they were all wearing vests, which was quite a sight. My vest was fairly ordinary, but Ellen and Stuart both looked spiffing:

Dave O'Connell couldn't make it to the party but he sent a cardboard cutout of himself in a sweater vest (see below). He looked great but his conversation was pretty two-dimensional. Even little Snorri wore a vest, and his conversation was equally stimulating:

Here's Ellen opening her 'Pretty Useful Tools':

I was really sad to have to leave kind of early but I'm a bit frantic at the moment with deadlines, so, argh, I actually went back home and did some more work. Yikes, I am getting very boring.

If you're doing some Christmas shopping, have a look at some of the items on sale to raise money for IBBY, the International Board on Books for Young People. They have some prints and signed books by people such as Neil Gaiman and Michael Foreman.
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