Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

overwhelmed by pudding

I drew this comic way too fast, but Stuart's pear and ginger brioche pudding this evening needed commemorating. (Stuart and Vern are so alike that they are very often interchangeable.)

And here is Stuart with his marvellous creation:

This weekend has been comics bliss! Not only did Garen Ewing give me a copy of one of his earlier works, The Tempest, but 68 pages of DFC comics goodness dropped through the letterbox in the form of the Christmas Bumper Issue!
We got a great wrap-around Dave Shelton cover, and he also treated us to a six-page full Good Dog Bad Dog adventure, Christmas in Muttropolis. Hooray, Dave!

And wonderfully, and also sadly, Woodrow Phoenix's brilliant Donny Digits, in the Guardian Family section comic, came to its brilliant firework conclusion on Saturday. I am really going to miss it!

Tags: baking, cake, dfc, perfect pudding coma, phoenix, shelton, webcomic

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