Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

sister fan art

My little sister has been painting up a storm these days, and this morning I made this drawing loosely based on a painting she's doing. The subject in her painting looks a bit more like a Soviet worker chick than mine does; I'll ask her if I can post it when she says she's finished.

Just curious, is anyone going to the London Zine Symposium on 3 May? (I just heard about it on Anna Mondo's blog.)

Covered blog is running an interesting series of classic comic covers redrawn by lots of different artists. It seems to be starting up this big meme thing and looks like fun.

I just learned a cool new word in Russian from polinina and aryaorlova, discussing this photo on polinina's blog. 'Сногсшибательно', roughly pronounced 'snog she bottle nah', means something astounding, or something that has a sort of magical quality that's so striking it almost bowls you off your feet. Cool.
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