Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

it's DFC friday!

Issue 38 arrived today, and Vern and Lettuce are trying to decide if they should rescue those dastardly foxes and that bad, bad pigeon. Some fresh new stories start up, including Chicken Caesar Junior by Julian Hanshaw (yup, that guy who won the Observer prize) and the swish Spectrum Black by Robert Deas. And it's great to see Spider Moon by Kate Brown resuming its gorgeousness; her preview page lets you see one of her amazing pictures of a boat at sea. Richard Bruton reviews the latest issue here.
...Ooo, and I actually guessed the riddle in That's a Horse of a Different Colour this time without having to turn round the page!! I am feeling so clever at the moment. (Or Woodrow, did you slip in an easier one? No, don't burst my bubble...)

Don't forget to look out in The Comic, in the Guardian Family section tomorrow for Vern and Lettuce and Super Animal Adventure Squad!
Tags: dfc

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