Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

got cakes on the griddle

Okay, I am going to jump on the illustrators' unicorn bandwagon just this once:

I am painting like mad for an upcoming book deadline and it's so bad I even spent all night dreaming about painting it. Argh.

So I went on my date with Reginald and with the four other blokes who won nedroidcomics' date-Reginald competition. Reginald seemed to fancy one of the blokes more than me and he didn't call or anything, but then yesterday the postman brought this lovely signed pin-up in the post. It was so sweet, but I think we will just have to be friends.
(Today's strip is pretty awesome.)

Just saw that Garen Ewing has updated his website, and you can get a look at his workspace and drawing tools here. It looks like he's livened it up a bit since the last time I saw his desk, which he accurately described as rather Gulag-like.

Dave Shelton's done some fab little drawings of a skeleton in an orange polo neck, undoubtedly inspired by wilburonline's jumper at the DFC party.

I did a quick search for my song reference this blog post title (gotta luv John Denver) and came up with this corker:

YouTube link
Tags: pancakes

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