Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

toasting the DFC

The day after I heard the news about the DFC, I just couldn't settle down at my desk to my regular work. So Gary Northfield (creator of Little Cutie) and I rushed to the local cafe and ate lots of extra-thick toast with marmalade to drown our sorrows. Here is us eating toast:

Then yesterday, Woodrow Phoenix (Donny Digits, That's a Horse of a Different Colour) and I hopped on a bus up to Oxford to eat big burgers with the remaining two office staff, our much beloved Ben and Will. We spent some time plotting about how to make the last issue extra fab and Woodrow had a very big lime milkshake. (Because Woodrow is milkshake powered.) So that is why I don't have many images posted on the blog just at the moment, we are hauling ash to make the last copy super twinkly.
Tags: dfc, northfield, phoenix

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