Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

bunny line-up

Here's the chart I have stuck to the bottom of my computer monitor to help me remember which bunny is which in Vern and Lettuce. I don't really want to take it down now, I keep hoping something good will happen with the DFC and the bunnies will come back. Fingers crossed that David Fickling will want to publish a book with all the Vern and Lettuce strips, I hope he thinks there's enough interest out there to warrant it. All fingers, hooves and paws crossed...

I named one of the bunnies Jake, after my friend Laura's son. She has six kids and Jake's the eldest. When I met him, he was a real pill and could never follow any of the rules and drove everyone crazy. But now he's writing and acting in comedy, so he gets paid to break rules and everyone's proud of him, which is a good thing, really. Here's Jake at the Font Conference. (He's Comic Sans.)

Hey, if you want to keep following what's happening with the DFC contributors, Steve Holland has posted a great list with links on his blog, Bear Alley. Thanks, Steve! (And thanks, emmav, for letting me know here.)

Doing lots of picture book stuff at the moment, will post some images as soon as I'm allowed to!
Tags: dfc

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