Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

hurrah for my sister!

I get a good report from dlasky in Seattle that my sister's show this weekend was great, packed full of people, and that her paintings were selling like hotcakes. Yay! My sister is awesome. (You can see some of her paintings here.) My parents also e-mailed a few photos of them and their friends and Gus, the guy who owns the historic Blue Moon, where my sister works. She's a bit of a roller derby star, and several of her paintings had a roller derby theme.

(My sister just told me that she gave my dad that sweater and now he almost never takes if off.)

The DFC has one more issue coming out this Friday before it packs in, at least for now. It's been amazing how everyone's pulled together since we heard the bad news. I know I've met so many amazing people through the project; the only one I'd ever met previously to doing the DFC was Simone Lia, when we managed to convince my art college tutor to invite her in to give a talk. It sounds like everyone really wants to stay in touch, and a few of us met up for drinks this weekend and had a good chin wag.

Laura Howell (The Mighty M), Laura's partner Tim, James Turner (Super Animal Adventure Squad)

Faz Choudhury (Dead Pets Society, colouring for Good Dog, Bad Dog), John Aggs (John Blake, Robot Girl), Gary Northfield (Little Cutie)
Tags: dfc

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