Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

getting excited

I was going to draw a picture of my first attempt at Wii Guitar Hero this weekend, but I made a bad start of it so I will show that to you another day. I am printing, folding, sewing... getting ready for the fabulousness that is happening THIS SATURDAY! It looks like I may actually get my mini together, which is actually a 40-page maxi, of lots of morning sketch stuff.

I was poking around in the Pont de la Tour bakery and saw some very cool packaging for this tea by a DJ and cartoonist named Mr Scruff. I almost bought the tea just for the box, but I didn't have enough money on me.

My neighbour friend is sitting next to me on the floor copying Simone Lia's Billy Bean's Dream page by page. Hopefully she will let me show you some of her expert copying skills. It's a picture book, but she says that if she combines lots of the pictures onto one page, that will make it a comic. So I'm not one to argue.
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