Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

we love oxford, especially breakfast

Okay, I am all about the Oxford Literary Festival, now they put us up for the night in Christ Church College and fed us the most amazing breakfast. Comics never had it so good! Except that we don't have a comic anymore, but if you put aside that detail...

Apparently our dining hall was the inspiration for the one at Hogwarts! Or where they filmed. Or something like that. It looked very familiar. Stuart and I had fun wandering around the college late the night before and seeing how many places we could get into. Then I spent all night dreaming we were running around on the roof tops, like Lyra in the Philip Pullman trilogy. I didn't manage to climb up any drainpipes this visit, but I suspect I may be spending more time in Oxford so I will let you know. Philip Pullman will get very cross when he finds out that, although he's avoided age banding on the covers of His Dark Materials, he gets a big Health & Safety label stuck on every book.

Here's some of us in the pub after our panel: Bob Etherington (Studio Blink Twice), Jenni Scott (jinty , who's part of organising Oxford's Caption festival), Barnaby Gunning (an architect who set up the Save the DFC website), Stuart, Richard tortipede, Lorenzo Etherington and me:

Cafe gathering with Stuart, Jenni, Richard, John Aggs and Ben bandersnatch_02:

I had a great time geeking out in the pub with Lorenzo about how we draw stuff. (But his Monkey Nuts is way crazier than anything I've ever attempted to put on paper.)

Oxford Lit Fest were awesome, although we weren't entirely sure what to do with the lovely Wedgwood commemorative plaques they gave us all. (We are open to suggestions.)

David Fickling had a bad cold, I think he was just about to sneeze in this photo.
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