Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

happy easter, everyone!

Okay, I am going away from the blog for a few days for the holidays, but I thought I would leave you with some fan art for the amazing Simone Lia and her Sausage and Carrots! There is some very fine fan art happening over at Super Comics Adventure Squad.

Hopefully I will have lots of news to tell you before too long. But I am working on a bunch of projects all at once, most of which I'm not allowed to mention (argh!), so that is doing my head in a bit, having to keep quiet. The ones I can talk about are my Morris the Mankiest Monster book (artwork finished, hurrah!) and a last-minute submission that Jamie Smart asked me to do for his Fat Chunk anthology that I haven't finished yet, eeps.
I felt very flattered by the nice mention in a write-up from the Thing by Piley over here. (Thanks for that!)
Tags: dfc

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