Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

DFC drinks

Since the DFC stopped printing, we've had more DFC events than ever before... it's like things are just getting started! Thanks to John Aggs for this photo. We had some friends of the DFC come along, including Alex Milway, who's organising the Crystal Palace Children's Book Festival with us for next Saturday. And Stephen Betts, who's coordinating a remarkable comics translation website over on Comix Influx. If you speak a foreign language and think you can help translate comics, or if you'd like to read translations of comics that normally wouldn't be accessible to you, head over to his website.

(DFC group blog here with links to everyone)

Hey, I was over at my friend Dan's house and he showed me some amazing work by a Swedish illustrator named Mattias Adolfsson. Go have a peek!. His work's also featured on a site called Behance (which I feel I ought to know about, so I'm bookmarking this one for myself as much as anything).
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