Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
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play time

Last night my neighbour friend pulled out all my toys and was asking about these two worn-out dolls at the bottom of the box. I showed her some of the book that went with them and decided to take a photo to see if anyone else remembers Raggedy Ann and Andy. (Ooo, I see they have a Wikipedia entry!) They really are very ugly dolls, but so plain that they're rather loveable. (Or maybe that's just nostalgia kicking in. Speaking of which, I'm a bit smitten with tozocomic's purdy red tin robot.)

James Harvey (harveyjames) has been running his Activity Week and getting lots of contributions. I really like his floating cats, so I put in a drawing for his challenge to pick one of the cats and turn it into a lady. (You have to figure out which one I picked, it's not very difficult.)

Event! If you'd like to get a drawing from me, Gary Northfield has been kind enough to let me come crash at his table for a couple hours on Saturday, 23 May at London's MCM Expo. (I can let you know exact times later, but I'm guessing I'll be there just after lunch.) I went last year and it was the best people-watching ever, so many amazing costumes! Actually, it's worth visiting that post to read Kate Brown's Essential Manga reading list. Come see Gary's stuff, it's amazing, and then get a drawing from me, too! I'm hoping Gary will want to do another collaborative picture, that was good fun. Other DFC people who will be there include organiser Emma Vieceli, Laura Howell, John Aggs, Nick Abadzis, Kate Brown and Tony Lee. (Other artists and writers listed here.)
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