Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

looking for something to do today in london?

Stuart and I are going to ride around on our bikes and try to hit at least two of these three things!

* Certainly this one, supporting DFC colleague Emma Vieceli, in Richmond, 9:30-5, details here. It's just happening today for Free Comics Day, don't miss it! You can get a free copy of her Much Ado About Nothing until she runs out of copies. You will also get to meet Andie Tong, a lovely chap I once met in the pub who draws Spiderman and other such things beloved of comics people, and Frazer Irving, whom I don't know at all, but I suspect if he's hanging out with those other two, he must be pretty talented.

*The Royal Academy exhibition: Kuniyoshi, running until 7 June

* The Guardian's Posy Simmonds exhibition, free, running until 4 June (I suppose this will help me forgive them for cancelling the Comic section just as Vern and Lettuce were getting going. ...Nah, I'm still too sad about that.)

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