Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

happy new year

I put a bit of paint on my sheep sometime during the past few days. Baaa.

Stuart & I went on a wander in Bermondsey, South London, and discovered where Alaska was manufactured.

I was curious and just looked it up on Google: The Alaska Factory in Grange Road was the premises of Martin fur merchants which made sealskin jackets. The entrance gate dated 1869 has a depiction of a seal. The factory was rebuilt to the designs of Wallis Gilbert and is now apartments. (Wallis Gilbert are the same guys who designed the amazing Hoover Building in west London.)
I didn't spot the seal, but it's kind of interesting anyway.

And the last one's a photo of a blooming cherry tree in Greenwich Park. (Is it spring already?!)
Tags: 3d, dfc, london

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