Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

cow session

Today I had my mind so blown at the Royal Academy's stupdendous Kuniyoshi exhibition that I will have to blog about it tomorrow. After the first few hours, I was a total wreck, having neglected basic things like remembering to blink. Luckily Anna mondoagogo came along and sat with me while I took a tea recovery break, then headed back in for another few hours of eyesocket overload, then we had sushi in Green Park.

My little neighbour friend was well impressed with the exhibition album I brought home, and all the copying I'd done in my sketchbook while I was there. So after we read a book illustrated by Russell Ayto (Where's Tim's Ted?), we decided to do some more copying and she got a lesson in dip pens, watercolours and hairdryers. So the one of the left is my copy, the one on the right is hers, and the one in the middle is a joint venture. Moo!

Edit: Have you seen harveyjames's assembled lady cats? It's truly an amazing collaborative collection.

And thanks, _w_o_o_d_, for alerting me to the existence of Platinum Grit, where Episode 19 just went up. I have some reading to do. Really beautiful drawing.

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