Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

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doodly doo

This afternoon my neighbour friend and I were looking at some funny Tyrrell Katz sheep placemats that Stuart and I bought during our minibreak in Alfriston and then we drew some sheep in her sketchbook:

Here's a picture from the weekend with my most fab girlfriends Bridget and Ellen (ellenlindner). We are the glam spec-wearing American brigade.

Speaking of Americans, I just had a surreal conversation over dinner with Stuart where he misunderstood me because of my American accent, something which hasn't happened for years. The confusion went on for quite a long time, the word in question being 'haughty', which he misheard as 'hottie' and therefore assumed I had a total crush on the actress Anna Chancellor because of the shape of her nose.
(We have a lot of deep and meaningful conversations like this.)

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