Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

controlled rage and a public hanging

This morning I decided I wanted to draw a rampaging robot because I have so much work to do today that it's scaring me slightly. But then it looked funnier if I put nedroidcomics' Beartato inside at the controls. Which, come to think of it, is probably more worrying than a nutty robot by itself.

Oh, and The Angel of Death comic also features a bear in slightly the wrong context, over on Fumblog. (Hooray, Jamie Smart!)

On the way to the post office yesterday, I noticed that there was a man strung up on one of the college towers. We don't usually get this kind of vigilante justice in Greenwich, so I had to investigate:

Turns out the Wolfman film crew had returned to film some of the stunt scenes. (I saw them in April last year.) On closer scrutiny, the hanging body was only a mannequin, not even an MP who spent taxpayer money on his duck island, and I hung around for about two minutes before I realised I wasn't going to get to see very much action. The fleet of carriages came back, too:

Hey, cool aniamtion! While there are no hangings, there's some fabulous stick figure action going on over in this spaghetti western, Clint West: Welcome to Damned City by Studio Camara.
Tags: greenwich

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