March 19th, 2007

susan burghart, you totally rock!!!

Wow-wow-wow-wow-whOOIE!!! Guess what the postman brought to my door today!
Susan, you are the absolute BEST! I shall hop to the occasion and make some good fat American pancakes, none of these little crêpe-y things with lemon. Last year my downstairs neighbour gave me his waffle iron because he never used it, and Susan and I had a big waffle fest. You must come back for another one, Susan! :-) Here's her fabulous website!
Now, why don't we have Trader Joes in England? This me all nostalgic for edible Americana. Here are some photos I took of American food when I last went to the USA and my parents took us to the Puyallup Fair. (And we didn't eat that pumpkin but it weighed 1,004 lbs, so I had to include it.) Elephant Ears! Yummy yum yum.