May 3rd, 2007

scrappy collaborative comic

panel 1
We're doing an collaborative comic on the UK SCBWI blog site. Has anyone else done something like this? It's kind of a comics jam, but we haven't worked out the ground rules very well yet, and we've already had two people accidentally drawing the same panel. So far, we've only decided to keep it simple (no panel should take more than an hour, ideally fifteen minutes). And if someone decides to take a panel, to leave a comment on the previous post, just before starting to draw. (We want to steer clear of a rota, so people only jump in when they want to.) Any tips from those in the know?

panel 5

London-Foshan letter project cont'd

Here's the next installment of a project, where a friend in China and I send each other one line of a poem by Chinese poet Hai Zi. (The first half of the line is on the front panels of the triptych.) This looks a bit more stark than my other letters.