November 6th, 2007

the tank

I was trying to describe to someone 'the tank' that my rowing club uses to teach us newbies how to row without dumping us in the Thames, or to use at night, when no one's allowed out on the river. (It's a fairly busy shipping lane.) Here's a little diagram of the tank at Poplar. Apparently the building used to be Poplar train station, but now there's the flashy Docklands Light Rail station, so the rowers get to use the building.

I went to two interesting talks at the ICA a couple days ago, one by Nick Abadzis, about his book, Laika, the story of the Russian space dog. The other talk was called Aya and Africa, illustrated by Clément Oubrerie, about a series of comics set in the Ivory Coast. The writer, Marguerite Abouet, was scheduled to speak as well, but she stayed home with their son who was ill. The talks were part of Comica, expertly organised by the lovely Paul Gravett.

Oh, and this video made me laugh, a quick-thinking 4-year-old calling 911 for help with her math homework. And just because we all have nothing better to do than watch YouTube, here's a fab video of a battle between buffalo, lions and a crodile at Kruger Park.

good enough for gov't work

I just came up with these pics real quick to go with a presentation for the Energy White Paper (the UK government's response to climate change and energy security). Government imagery often looks so frightfully earnest; I tried to make these look at least a little cheeky.

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