November 27th, 2007

web panel interview

Here's my Writer's Day sketch. ...Ha ha, it looks like she's attacking the monkey!

And here's an interview I just did for Candy Gourlay at Notes from the Slush Pile:

Could you tell us a little bit about your blog, it's purpose and its target reader? How do you present your public self? Is what we see of you online the real you?

I blog because I'm a terrible attention seeker. And I get so excited when I draw something that I want everyone to see it. I often think my artwork is more 'me' than the bleary face I present to the world every morning. I don't do the Lemony Snicket thing of creating an entirely fictional person, although I have done that occasionally, just for a laugh.

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cutty sark workshop

I'm working on this card image for the Cutty Sark. They want something they can use all year long, with a glimpse at what's going on behind the scenes while the ship's closed for conservation.
This particular woodcut technique is kind of new to me. I've been looking at this image way, way too long this evening, and I can't tell if it looks okay now. Any of your tips or suggestions very welcome! :-)
Edit: Don't forget that you can now buy my Cutty Sark Christmas Cards!