April 7th, 2008

she's been foxed

My lovely Bologna room mate, Candy Gourlay, told me her daughter was trying to spot her mum in my Bologna foxes picture, so I painted one specially for Candy. Once I woke up around three in the morning and Candy was still tapping away on her laptop, working on her latest novel. She has kids, and I think she does that a lot. Who needs to sleep, anyway. My friend Laura Hurwitz (also a beloved book fair room mate) has six kids and still writes novels on a regular basis, totally amazing.

Chris Mould just sent this photo of the two of us having Italian sludge coffee in Bologna (which was actually very drinkable with two packs of sugar), and I discovered he has a more interesting website here, with lovely artwork, sound effects that made me giggle, and downloadable first chapters of his books.

I've written three more Write Away reviews, this brings my total to 31 so far:
* The Crocodile Blues by Coleman Polhemus (This book's remarkable; after I finished reading it, I found myself staring at it and blinking a lot.)
* Carnival of Colours by Hervé Tullet
* Bob & Co. by Delphine Durand

So now I am working away on some more comics, but as I work, I keep looking out the window in front of my desk. Right now I can count 23 construction workers and 13 pieces of heavy machinery, not including cars, vans, portaloos and trailers. I think I will start charging admission for little Bob the Builder fans to come up and have an exclusive ringside view of all this excitement.

i won, i won!

Hooray, an excellent jury of Matt Reidsma, Wendy and the cats Montana and Elmer decided they liked my drawing of Matt's comic best of all, so now I get some cool free stuff from them. Matt is someone I've really come to admire lately. He started out okay at comics, but he plugged away at it every single day for a few years and now his comics are brilliant, some of my absolute favourites. It's fun going through the archives on his website because you can see where he started and where his work is now.
Here was my tribute entry:

I had a good row on the Thames this evening with some others from the club: lovely quiet water, a brilliant sunset, and to top it off, Anthony Hopkins was filming some period drama at the Naval College so the buildings were amazingly lit and this huge crowd of people in costumes were parading around. But just as we were getting out of the boat, one of the catamaran ferries came zooming by and completely swamped us. So we were soaked to the skin and the massive wake pushed our boat against the rocks. We had to give it a wash and good inspection to make sure we hadn't cracked it. I cycled home still soaking wet and went straight to the bath, where I belatedly remembered that one shouldn't put near-frostbitten feet into warm water. Lots of howling ensued, and some very oddly coloured skin. Now I am wearing two sweaters, drinking tea, eating too much chocolate and feeling so very glad I am warm.

By the way, does anyone know what film is being made here in Greenwich, that would have Anthony Hopkins walking around the set? They've turned the road running through the Royal Naval College into a town street lined with trees on one side and a 'Globe Theatre' entrance tacked to one of the doorways. I'm very curious.

Here's the view from our window on Sunday morning, snow on blossoms: