June 6th, 2008

messing with lettering

I had dinner last night with some guys who are really into fonts, so today I decided to do a bit of typography for my morning sketch. I can't do slick Illustrator things yet (it's somewhere up there on my to-do list), but at least I can mess around in Photoshop.

knitfish just posted a photo of my raspberry beret in progress, very exciting!

channel five link

Here's our telly slot at last!

Well, going up to Oxford to film this piece was totally worth it, because I got to hang out with these fabulous people all day and get a nice free lunch. But don't blink or you'll miss me at the 31 second mark, ha ha... Bob and Lorenzo totally rock.

And here's a nice writeup from Brian Sibley, who was responsible for the BBC's brilliant audio adaptation of Lord of the Rings. My friend gave me those tapes when she moved to Australia and couldn't take them with her, and I've listened to them so many times I'd be embarrassed to admit how many. I actually had to buy a second set because the first set wore out, how sad is that. I am probably growing hair on my feet. But they are very good, and while I am drawing, they have stretch and toilet breaks in all the right places.

vern here...

Lettuce has this thing about wanting to be on telly. Sarah took us to Oxford to see Channel 5 film her and the Etherington brothers, and Lettuce totally lost the plot when she met Bob and Lorenzo. It was really embarrassing. Now she won't stop talking about them. She can't decide which one she likes best, she's just smitten with both of them. Ew...