June 30th, 2008


Here's my morning sketch, the upset of which pales in comparison to what happened in our neighborhood last night. Just after I made the last post about the Sarah Party, Stuart and I heard a big 'whump' outside and we and the rest of the neighbourhood rushed out to look. I thought it might have been the new railway bridge falling down. This morning we woke to found our buildings police-taped off into a crime scene and I had my morning coffee on the stoop with a policeman. Turns out two of our neighbours were killed in some kind of explosion and their whole building's been evacuated. We didn't actually know those neighbours, but it's still unsettling. I went for a rather long bike ride this morning because it's a little hard concentrating on the light, funny picture book I'm supposed to be working on today while I'm conscious there are two smoking bodies still lying a hundred metres away. I didn't really want to draw that either.