August 11th, 2008

back from caption!

This was my first-ever visit to Caption, Oxford's annual alternative comics festival, and I had a great time! Thanks a million to Jenni Scott (jinty) and Richard who put me up for the night and did so much, along with a bunch of other great people, to make this event happen. It was my first-ever time on a comics panel, which was a little daunting, because almost everyone in the room had made comics for longer than I have, but it was very friendly and so interesting to hear what everyone had to say. I'm always on a very steep learning curve when I go to these things. We had a great showing of the DFC crew: Kate Brown, Woodrow Phoenix, Nick Abadzis, John Aggs, Neill Cameron, Garen Ewing, Andrew Wildman, Adam Murphy and one of our editors, Will Fickling (did I leave out anyone?).

I forgot about my camera most of the time, so a lot of the photos are pretty random, but here are a few:

The very hospitable Richard and Jenni, at breakfast with Matt Brooker (aka D'Israeli), where I learned that comics convention people can not eat without at least four computers present at table.

Woodrow with his erupting hot chocolate with marshmallows. And Bridget and Woodrow at a nearby Brazilian restaurant. Bridget just sent me a link to an amazing comics jam called Who Killed Round Robin? that Woodrow is working on with six other comics artists. I am going away to read it!) She said it inspired a group in Mexico to do something similar.
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Here's a very, very rough comic I made on the train ride back.

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Edit: Other compiled Caption reports and a video here thanks to girlycomic in the caption news group.

Here's the link for the book I was reading on the train, Rumble Strip by Woodrow Phoenix.

Edit: If anyone knows Steve P (one of the guys who made the Steve Whitaker film), could you give him these links to the painting and sketch I made of him? He always transfixes me with his pink glasses and then I forget to note down his last name or his e-mail.