August 12th, 2008

nice but nuts

Today's morning sketch is dedicated to chamonkee, who spent 20 minutes trying to work out from my very rough comic yesterday what 'butt nuts' were.

So fitting, my neighbour David just e-mailed a photo he took in 1982 of a comics stall in China's Sichuan province. Cool, hey?

And I've just been sorting through my loot from Caption, here it is!

I had to buy two copies of the brilliant little Curtis and Terrorist comic with the hand-drawn covers by Oliver Lambden; now I'm wishing I'd bought a couple more for gifts. Weekend Friends brings together work by Oli Smith and Sean Azzopardi from London Underground Comics, Oliver Lamden and Dan Lester. Someone called 'Peet!' made the Fume! comic, here's the crazypants website. The Cinnamon CD covers and books - Rumble Strip, Count Milkula, and Sugar Buzz - are by DFC colleague Woodrow Phoenix, and the two comics called The Sea are by Will Kirkby, or chamonkee.

And to finish, these days nedroidcomics are leaving me helpless on the floor. (For example, this one, this one and oh, this one.)

lots of good stuff

Okay, I'm off to Brussels for the wedding of two of my best friends, so I won't be posting for a few days. Here's a card I made for them, two people who have struck the most amazing balance between living simply and living the good life. Which involves lots of sunlight and good wine and picnics and riding their bicycles in the park and tending their cabbages (not to mention the incredible things they do at work, which I won't go into just now).

I don't usually get around to wrapping gifts very attractively, but I was kind of chuffed with the way this one came out, using a recycled trade show poster and some Chinese-made dolls I bought from a stall in Hay's Galleria:

And how cool is this! After teasing him about butt nuts in the last post, chamonkee got me back here with a brilliant and very mental portrait, including Lettuce and Vern. Will Kirkby, you totally rock! :-D

Today in the tube I saw a poster for a free exhibition of all sorts of skeletons dug up under London. ginasketch gave a great link to a Times article, including a map so you can find who's been buried beneath you. The exhibition runs until 28 Sept at the Wellcome Collection in London. I'm going to try to get down there at some point to do some life drawing... er, death drawing.

And Caption photos keep coming in, here are some more by tallguywrites.

Brian Sibley has written a heart-felt and fascinating tribute on his blog to Pauline Baynes, illustrator of many books I grew up with, including the Narnia Chronicles, who died the Friday before last. I'm sure many people will remember her work very fondly, and Brian's fortunate to have known her so well.