August 19th, 2008

rocket stove

This isn't my usual type of drawing, but I thought I'd post it anyway since I didn't manage a morning sketch. It's for one of my parents' friends on his way back from Kenya, this guy Eric. He likes to fiddle around with making stuff and, after retiring, he turned his attention to making little home improvements for people in east Africa. Last night he was telling us about this rocket stove (my drawing is an improved, further simplified version of the one currently on the website) and about a bunch of other simple gadgets, including a water filter made from a barrel, some sand and some gravel. Apparently this rocket stove emits far less carbon monoxide that the current popular stove in Kenya and is even cheaper and easier to make.

I just had a couple excellent coffees with Dave (tozocomic) and managed to bash out scripts and scrawls for two more Vern & Lettuce episodes. I found this nice little passive-aggressive note from an estate agent taped to my bike when I left, and it struck me as very funny.

And don't miss it, hopelarson has posted a brilliant story, Bear Creek Apartments.
And another good one by nedroidcomics.

happy kisses all round!

Two fabulous things happened in the last half hour! Stuart came home with Persepolis, which I didn't even know had come out on video, and Garen Ewing sent me this!!!

Even though Garen has a zillion and one things to do, he decided to try out some new pens that he'd ordered, including a brush pen that he says he's never tried before. (Do we believe he has never used a brush pen before? No, we do not.)

Okay, going to crack open the champagne and then go out for dinner, whoo hoo!